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Posted on June 20, 2012 by Happy Camper

groceriesRoad trips are always great once you make it to the campground, but these games can make getting there just as much fun.  So put away those Game Boys and iPhones and try to pass the time with nothing but your fellow travellers required for entertainment.

Take the opportunity while you have your children's undivided attention to challenge them to think positively by playing Fortunately-Unfortunately.  In this game, one person will make an unfortunate statement, and then another player will counter the statement with a positive response.  For example, one player could make the statement, "Unfortunately, it is going to rain." A second player would counter with a fortunate statement such as "Fortunately, I need a shower and I can stand out in the rain to wash off."  See what kind of exaggerated and silly the statements you can come up with!

The Grocery Game
Keep everyone in the car entertained and engaged by playing a memory game such as the Grocery Game.  The first player names an object available at a grocery store that starts with the letter A.  The next player has to repeat what the first player said and then add another grocery item that starts with a B.  For example, if player one says "apricots," player two would repeat "apricots" and then they might add "blueberries."  If you forget a grocery item or you can't think of one starting with the appropriate letter, you're out, and the game continues until only one player remains.  You can also play variations of this game with any other category such as animals or people's names.

Group Storytelling 
Get the creative juices flowing among your fellow road trippers by composing a group story.  One person starts by creating the first line of the story.  Start them out with a simple "Once upon a time, there lived an evil queen" or come up with something more unusual like, "Chester the dog had green spots."  Each person in the car takes turns adding a line, and the story builds and builds.  Depending on your group, this game could last for a few minutes or a few hours.  After you've reached your destination, have your kids write and illustrate the story as a token of their road trip adventure.

I Spy...
I Spy, is a classic travel game.  One person in the car chooses an object around them.  He or she then gives the other people in the car a clue by saying: "I spy with my little eye, something…." He or she then will state the object's color, say the first letter of the name of the object or give another clue to help identify the object.  Be sure that players don't choose an object outside of the car as it is passing by.  Instead, go for something that is inside the car or that will be in everyone's line of vision for a few minutes.  The person who guesses the object correctly is the next person to spy a new item.

City  Country  River
Take turns challenging another player to think of a city, country and river all starting with a particular letter. If your friend challenges you with “M”, for example, you can win by saying Minneapolis, Mexico and Mississippi in under sixty seconds.  You can also choose other categories like food or dog breeds to mix things up.

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