Florida Road Trip! The Journey... Day One

Posted on August 27, 2011 by Happy Camper

Well, we survived our first day on the road without any major incidents!   If you are just tuning in and you need to catch up on the introduction to this story, you can do it here.   Yesterday we left our home state of Minnesota and travelled approximately 500 miles through Wisconsin and half of Illinois.  Our entertainment for the day consisted of admiring the corn fields and an occasional windmill farm thrown in for interest.  I was seriously thinking that there wouldn't be anything interesting to write about our journey for day one.  That changed once we got to the campground. 

We spent the night at Hickory Hill Campground in Secor, IL.  It was a nice campground, mostly seasonals, but they had a small section of the campground for shorter term visitors like us.  We pulled in and started setting up for the night.  When we were unpacking, we kept hearing what sounded like someone setting off fireworks.  We soon realized that we were mistaken about the source of the noise.  You know how they say that life is a like a crap shoot?  Well life at Hickory Hill was more of a skeet shoot.  It turns out that this campground is located next to a shooting range!  It wasn't so bad though.  they didn't shoot all night , so we were able to get a good night's sleep.

Once we were set up, we grabbed a beverage and took a walk around.   On our walk we saw something that we had never seen before at a campground.  Where we come from, many of the seasonal campers will add a deck to the side of their camper.  They took things to the extreme at Hickory Hill.  Many of the seasonal campers had built tin roofed structures that were either beside or totally enclosing their RV!  Some of them were basic, but others were quite elaborate like this one:

If you look close, you can see the RV under the roof in the left hand side of the photo.  You can also see the "Beer Garden" sign on the structure on the right.  As a matter of fact, most of these structures included some sort of a bar.  I always knew that campers knew how to have a good time!

We are on the road again now.  We are hoping to make it through the rest of Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee today.  Tune in for Day Two to see what we discover along the way!

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