Need A Cover for Your Bike? Try This Idea on for Size!

Bike Cover

Mr. Happy Camper is a genius!  We wanted to keep our bikes and kiddie cart protected from the elements, and our tarps kept blowing loose in the wind.  Continue reading

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Houston, We Have a Problem… Our Visit to the Houston Space Center

Space Center
Last weekend we made the trek from Livingston, TX to Houston.  Our plan was to visit the space center in Houston after a stop at the Apple store.  Unfortunately what we were hoping was going to be a quick in and out visit to the “Genius Bar” to fix a boot up problem with my Mac turned into a five hour ordeal.  No space center for us!  It would have to wait.  This weekend we tried again and the mission was a success. Continue reading

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But all I wanted was a new rug…

HomeyIt was a cold and dreary day in central FL, a bit too damp for outdoor activities.  We decided to go shopping for a new outdoor rug for under our awning, pick up a few groceries and kill some time until the drizzle moved on and the Florida sunshine returned.  Little did we know that day, that there was more ‘afoot’ than a new rug, and that our quest for flooring would turn into a two week adventure, ending with the purchase of a new home for these two rambling RVers…

Continue reading

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The Cost of Living on the Road

The Cost of Full Time RVing

Before we embarked on our journey, one of the uncertainties for Mr. Happy Camper and I was the cost of living on the road.  When we lived in a sticks and bricks house, we were a two income family of two (plus fur-babies) with a mortgage, two vehicles, monthly payments on an RV and all of the associated bills that come with maintaining a household.  We are now a one income family of two (plus fur-babies) with no mortgage, one vehicle and no monthly RV payments.   But what about the rest??? Continue reading

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Keeping Busy Doing Nothing

Keeping Busy Doing NothingOne of the biggest adjustments for us as new full time RVers has been figuring out what to do with our free time.  As a home owner, it is amazing how much of your day is eaten up by maintaining a household.  When you no longer have to mow the lawn and cleaning ‘the house’ takes 15 minutes, you find yourself with a lot more free time on your hands.  The good news is that it gives me more time to write.  The bad news is that right now there isn’t much to write about, so this will be a post about doing nothing… and it turns out that sometimes doing nothing can lead to a pretty full day too! Continue reading

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